The Best Pickle Flavor Combinations

Making your own pickles means you can be as creative as you want. Between the dozens of common types of vinegar, an infinite variety of produce, and our four exciting flavors of 10-Minute Pickle Kits, the possibilities are truly endless. We usually start with the neutral flavor of white distilled vinegar, but you can swap in a different vinegar for a whole other layer of flavor to experiment with. The following combinations are some of our staff favorites, and we hope they inspire you to get your own creative juices flowing. We can’t wait to hear which combo is your favorite!

Dill-icious 10-Minute Pickle Kit

Okra: Because of it’s unique flavor and texture, pickled okra has quickly become one of our all time favorite pickled vegetables. It is best pickled with our Dill-icious Pickle Kit. We like to eat these as a stand alone snack; they really don’t need anything else!

Cabbage: Pickled cabbage, AKA sauerkraut, usually takes upwards of 20 days to prepare. Which is 20 days longer than we can wait when we are craving it! On the other hand, our Quick Kraut recipe is way better than the jarred stuff at the store and only takes minutes!

Red onions: Dill-icious pickled onions are the ultimate condiment. Their crunchy texture and acidic flavor perfectly cuts through meaty sandwiches like pulled pork or a Reuben. Top everything from tacos to avocado toast with these beauties for an eye catching garnish. We prepare ours with red wine vinegar to give them extra color and flavor. You could also pair white onions with malt vinegar for an English spin on your onions.

Fire and Spice 10-Minute Pickle Kit

Bell peppers: Fire and Spice pickled bell peppers are full of that sweet heat that has us going back into the jar again and again. They pair perfectly with any of our Organic Dips Mixes.

Radishes: Mexican cuisine often garnishes a spicy dish with fresh radishes to cool the mouth. This hot and cool combo is what makes Fire and Spice pickled radishes so hard to stop eating. In addition, pickled radishes turn the brine a fun red color, and their normal white flesh turns pink!

Broccoli: We can certainly all agree that broccoli is super good for us; likewise, apple cider vinegar is rumored to have so many health benefits; in addition, spicy foods tend to speed up your metabolism. All that being said, we aren’t sure if there is anything as healthy, and delicious, as Fire and Spice pickled broccoli made with apple cider vinegar. Bonus points for topping a salad with these jewels. 


Sweet Dreams 10-Minute Pickle Kit

Grapes: Okay, we know this sounds crazy, but stay with us! When pickled with Sweet Dreams, and swapping out champagne vinegar for white distilled, pickled grapes strike the perfect balance of sweet and savory. They are both elegant and unexpected. 

Ginger: Stuff your jar with very finely sliced fresh ginger (bonus points if you grab young, pink ginger from your local Asian market) and pickle with Sweet Dreams, replacing white vinegar with rice wine vinegar. Your friends will be so impressed!

Jalapeños: We are obsessed with homemade pickled jalapenos. They are perfect on top of nachos! Check out our recipe for Game Day Ready BBQ Nachos to learn a couple tricks on how to prepare these sweet and spicy morsels. 

Think Outside the Cucumber

Wondering which type of pickle is our favorite? Honestly, even at Pearl and Johnny we tend to reach for the trusty cucumber more often than not! Pickled cucumber may not be unexpected, but the flavor certainly is when combined with our four unique spice mixes. But don’t stop there! The best part about making homemade pickles with Pearl and Johnny is that you get to put your own creative spin on every jar. Through trial and error, we have found these to be some of the vegetables and vinegars that work best for pickling. We hope this gives you a jumping off point to try your own new and exciting combinations. Comment below and share your favorite creative pickling combo!

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